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Diploma in Aviation Business Management

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Why is Certification important?

DABM Program

This two-year program is a unique opportunity for students who have completed Matric or O-Levels. Diploma in Aviation Business Management shall be awarded by SBTE (Sindh Board of Technical Education).

The program leads to BS in Aviation and other degree programs.

Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and global career opportunities are abound. The program leads to BS in Aviation and other degree programs.

A great opportunity for students having passion for aviation. Can be done by Inter / A’ Level students as well.


Rs. 12,000 / month

Rs. 7,500/- month (for deserving candidates)

What are the benefits of a Diploma?

Diploma courses have practical applications and students are trained in learning and developing latest skills and technologies. Diploma courses build skills that are relevant to industry and are helpful in their career.

Job Opportunities

The Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and Human Resource is falling short of Supply as Demand far exceeds it. Therefore, your chances of employment after the course will certainly increase many folds.

After the course, many students get internship in airlines, Civil Aviation Authority, airports, or other aviation related companies. Many interns are permanently employed after the completion of their internship, while many opt for higher studies in Aviation related disciplines.

Increases earning in the specified domain

The diploma curriculum is designed to provide students with real-life practical skills and proficiency. As a result, professional diplomas enables a person to earn a decent salary on successfully completing the course. It can help individuals to enhance his current package.

Diploma programs are shorter than college degrees

College degrees generally requires four years of full-time study. Compared to them, diploma programs are of shorter duration and to the point. Generally, these courses are of one to two years which will make one ready to enter the job market quickly. It helps a person to become familiar with the latest technologies and trends.

Diplomas allows the individual to explore various career options

Diploma course allow the individuals to explore variety of other career options. For example, if a person is not sure if wants to enter marketing industry or media industry, he can study diploma and take classes in both areas to test himself and his interest in the field.

Diploma courses offer flexibility

Diploma degree have fewer subjects to study compared to a degree course which allows the working students to take up part-time diploma courses. A diploma degree is not too stressful like a degree which is more demanding since it has more subjects and more theory to learn and master. Many diploma courses also have the option of online learning.

Diploma courses are less costly

Many individuals don’t take up a degree course due to high cost of tuition fees. Financially challenged people depend upon scholarship to get admission into colleges and universities. However, a diploma course is way cheaper and takes less time than a normal degree.

Diploma courses have more relaxed admission criteria

Normally, degrees have strict admission criteria like fixed age or high-grade requirements. Therefore, the chances of admission are less if one doesn’t fit in their eligibility criteria. Diploma programs are less reliant on these parameters, providing one a better chance to be admitted in the diploma program.

Who should do the Diploma in Aviation Business Management (DABM)?

  • Anyone passionate about learning about aviation.
  • Anyone seeking a career in the global aviation industry.
  • Anyone who wants to go for higher education in the aviation or aviation related domains.
  • Students with higher education (Intermediate and above, including students undergoing BA, BSc, BCom or have completed bachelors)
  • Students with higher than Matric education may get an exemption of some subjects based on the current level of knowledge in the subject.

Minimum Education Required: Anyone who has completed Matriculate or A’ Levels (or equivalent education) can be inducted in the course.

Minimum Age Required: The student upon induction should be above 16 years of age.

Students with Higher Education: There is no upper educational limit for induction in the program.

Advantages of Students with Higher Education: Students with education higher than Matric or A’ Level (or equivalent education) would an get exemption in some subjects based on their current level of knowledge about the subject. (The student will have to appear in a test designed to evaluate the student’s current level of knowledge in the specific subject.)

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