Project Description

Aviation Project Management

Aviation Project Management

The Aviation Project Management course provides an in-depth understanding of project management specifically tailored for aviation and airport projects. It covers various project management approaches, methodologies, and processes, emphasizing cost optimization and maximizing shareholder returns. Participants will learn from real-world examples of successful airport projects, exploring how the roles of consultants and subcontractors evolve throughout the project lifecycle to ensure continued relevance and success. This course is ideal for project managers, team members, consultants, subcontractors, and anyone aspiring to work in aviation project management.


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  • Project Managers and Coordinators

  • Project Team Members
  • Consultants and Subcontractors
  • Aspiring Aviation Project Managers

By attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Master Core Project Management Approaches: Understand fundamental project management methodologies and processes tailored to aviation and airport projects.
  • Gain Insights from Real-World Examples: Learn valuable lessons from successful airport projects completed by consortiums.
  • Optimize Costs and Maximize Value: Discover best practices for cost optimization and strategies to maximize shareholder returns in large-scale, multi-year projects.
  • Adapt Roles of Consultants and Subcontractors: Understand how the roles of consultants and subcontractors evolve throughout the project lifecycle to ensure continued relevance and success.
  • Implement Effective Project Strategies: Apply practical project management strategies and techniques to improve project outcomes and efficiency.

Completion of the Aviation Project Management course opens doors to various career opportunities, including:

  • Aviation Project Manager
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Project Coordinator in Aviation
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Subcontractor Manager
  • Airport Development Manager
  • Aviation Logistics Manager
  • Airfield Project Supervisor
  • Aviation Infrastructure Planner
  • Risk Management Specialist in Aviation Projects

These roles allow you to leverage the specialized skills and knowledge gained from the course to drive successful aviation and airport projects.

Dr. Matthew Yap is the Country Director for Cyber Defense (Asia), responsible for cybersecurity training and cybersecurity conferences in Singapore and Malaysia. He is also the Cybersecurity Programme Advisor for Police Administration to Digital Age (PADA), Thailand. As an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) consultant, Dr. Yap is engaged by ICAO and IMO for training delivery and design of guidance materials for Appropriate Authority (AA) and Designated Authority (DA) of contracting state. Dr. Yap completed the ICAO – ACI Airport Safety Professional (ASP) certification in 2021 and Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) in 2019. He is also certified as ICAO AVSEC Program Manager (PM), ICAO National (Airport) and Aerodrome Inspector, and ICAO Safety Management System Practitioner. From 2015 – 2021, he served as aerodrome safety and security advisor to three SGD$1 billion dollar construction consortiums awarded for Changi Airport Terminal 5 construction.

Dr. Yap last held the position of Deputy Commander of the Airport Auxiliary Police in 2007 and commanded over 1000 armed police officers and security screening officers at all Singapore Changi airport and cargo terminals. In 2008, he established his security consulting service provider and in 2016, joined a Singapore Stock Exchange listed corporation as subsidiary. Dr. Yap is a chartered engineer (Aerospace) by the Institute of Engineering Singapore (IES). He has a Doctorate (CQU), MBA (Nottingham), B.Eng.Hons (Singapore) and LL.B.Hons (London). He is currently pursuing his second PhD (Aviation Business Management) in ERAU. In 2022, Dr. Yap published his book, Sun Tzu Art of War | 30 Ways to Transform, and discussed his experiences of cybersecurity breaches in Singapore and how his construction clients overcame cybersecurity threats and ransomware.

Session 1 – Saturday, September 7, 2024 | Session 2 – Saturday, September 14, 2024 | Session 3 – Saturday, September 21, 2024 | Session 4 – Saturday, September 28, 2024

Timing: 10:00 am-04:00 pm PST +5 GMT | 8:00 am-02:00 pm AST +3 GMT | 01:00 pm-07:00 pm UTC +8 GMT

Choosing our Aviation Project Management course offers numerous benefits:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Gain comprehensive insights into project management tailored specifically for aviation and airport projects.
  • Real-World Examples: Learn from successful airport projects and apply practical lessons to your own work.
  • Cost Optimization: Discover strategies for effective cost management and maximizing shareholder value in large-scale projects.
  • Expert Instruction: Benefit from experienced instructors who bring industry knowledge and expertise to the classroom.
  • Career Advancement: Enhance your skills and qualifications, opening doors to various career opportunities in aviation project management.
  • Adaptable Roles: Understand how to effectively manage the evolving roles of consultants and subcontractors throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Latest Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in aviation project management, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the industry.

Fee Structure

Fee: PKR 135,000/-

(This is equivalent to around a 40% discount of $800)

Payment Option

Cash Deposit at Institute

Bank Deposit / Transfer

Bank AL Habib

Account title: Aviation Institute of Management (Pvt) Ltd.

Account Number: 1058-0981-013394-500

IBAN: PK41BAHL1058098101339450

Fee: $800 (Five Hundred Dollar)

Payment Option

Online Payment payment through touchnet singapore (link below):

SGA-1010 – Aviation Project Management

You are also required to send us a copy of your deposit slip (screen shot) for reconciliation and subsequent enrollment in the course. Expect an email from Embry-Riddle (USA/Singapore campus) for enrollment after your payment.


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