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Aviation Institute of Management will provide a transformative educational experience through fostering collaboration and teamwork, ethical and responsible behavior, a culture of research and discovery, and a focus on the development of the professional skills needed for success in a global business. Aviation Institute of Management is committed to providing a climate that facilitates the highest standards of academic achievement, innovation and entrepreneurship in a culturally diverse community that supports the unique needs of each individual.

Specialities in AIM

Graduate Certificate Program by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Graduate Certificate in Aviation is a management program by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University that focuses on the aviation industry in Asia.
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Professional Certificate in Aviation Management

Certificate in Aviation Business Administration is a launching pad for anyone who wants to select a career in the Aviation industry. From very basics to an overview of all important aspects of Aviation business is taught in the course. is a launching pad for anyone who wants to select a career in the Aviation industry. From very basics to an overview of all important aspects of Aviation business is taught in the course.
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Diploma in Aviation in Aviation Management

This two-year program is a unique opportunity for students who have completed Matric or O-Levels. Diploma in Aviation Business Management shall be awarded by SBTE (Sindh Board of Technical Education).
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The Aviators-Secondary School Program

THE AVIATORS is a project of the Aviation Institute of Management, designed,to induct secondary level students after a psychometric test for career development in the Aviation industry.
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AIM, headed by Dr. Wali Mughni is Pakistan’s only institute that represents the world’s largest and most reputable aviation and aerospace university, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).

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Our Core Values

The institute endeavors to render all out assistance to all candidates who are eager to learn. While the institute aims to pursue diverse related disciplines its focus is to develop professionals in the business of flying, aviation management, avionics, aeronautics, and/or aerospace.


There is no doubt that this course was full of knowledge and information about marketing strategies. The amazing thing is the way Mr. Vernon delivered and the skills he have make me more interested in taking this course.
I would definitely recommend to the new comers to take this course.
In conclusion I would like to thank Dr. Wali for providing us this learning platform and Mr . Vernon for delivering this course in a wonderful way.


Thank you very much Mr. Vernon for your time & for sharing incredible information with us. Its an intensive learning opportunity regarding Marketing Strategies. I will try my best to put this knowledge to action. I have learnt a lot & am feeling so confident & excited now to handle my responsibilities in a much productive way.


Hope you’re doing well. Alhamdulillah, it was my first day at Serene today and I’m forever grateful to you for considering me worthy of this opportunity. Thank you so much sir. It’s exciting to be there the apron, the office and the planes. Keep me in your prayers always.


Dear Capt. Kannan / Dr. Wali, Firstly, I want to thank you for this much informative course. Before taking this course, I was really thinking should I take this or not. And Thanks to Dr. Wali as he pushed me to take this course. Finally, today I can say confidently that I have learned a lot of new terminologies about human factor. I have done MBA already and I wasn’t aware of these terminologies.
Once again thank you everyone.


I really appreciate the effort of every individual teacher that is teaching my son. I have noticed all the teachers are highly qualified, they are not just teaching him like they do in other old fashioned schools they are preparing him for the road ahead. …
and this sacrifices don’t go unnoticed.
my son seems to enjoy his everyday at school,
My child wants to learn more and more everyday with keen interest in every subject…
every teacher truly cares about my son.
You’re making a huge impact.
and all the credit goes to Sir Aziz and Sir Wali….to bring such a great team, under one roof.
Jazak Allah


To be honest sir I am from the engineering background and most of the term are so new to me . Thank you for explaining really well . I also wish you have a great future too.


Wali Mughni Sir I leasrnt a lot from you. The way you are imparting your knowledge & experience, and striving for the betterment of the aviation industry in our country, along with spreading awareness regarding the essence of our beautiful & peaceful faith… all this is highly commendable Sir! May Allah swt bless you always… Ameen.

Hello! Received the beautiful and impressive CABA certificate and gifts that I had no right over. JazakAllah Khair. It would make me happy if you allow me to pay an appropriate fee for the course and the certificate
Hello there, just wanted to drop this message as a token of gratitude for your lectures, I’ve been taking them with great heed and attentiveness, I must say they’re appealing and fascinating not to mention that it keeps me up at night fuelling my curiosity for this particular subject. I intend to study it further with more vim and vigor. Thank you.
It was a wonderful course and a very good experience for me. Today I was able to watch the last module recorded video. It was quite an interesting course. Instructors developed our conceptions from basics to advance levels. I enjoyed it a lot. Experiences learned from Sir Dr. Wali Mugni will definitely be applied in Pakistani aviation. Once again thank you so much for this wonderful course.
Asad Khan Niyazi
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