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Air Cargo Management (ICAO GAPP)

Air Cargo

This course is designed for professionals in airports, airlines, supply chain, and logistics. It aims to enhance participants’ understanding of air cargo management’s latest terminology and practices, including e-freight, digital cargo, and green logistics. The curriculum covers critical areas such as ULD management, pharma logistics, and capacity optimization. Participants will also explore emerging trends like drone use, blockchain, and AI in cargo operations. Gain practical knowledge and strategic insights to excel in the evolving air cargo industry.


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  • Airline Managers and Executives

  • Airport Operations Professionals
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers
  • Freight Forwarders and Integrators
  • Policy Makers and Regulators
  • Industry Consultants and Analysts
  • Pharma and Perishables Logistics Specialists
  • Technology and Innovation Leaders
  • Environmental and Sustainability Officers

To better understand the central theories, concepts and practical application processes of Air Cargo Business and Optimization to formulate management strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the field of air cargo.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

Air cargo Business and its importance

  • The Evolution of Air Cargo Transportation
  • Role and Significance of Air Cargo in Global Trade
  • Economic Impact and Contribution of Air Cargo Industry
  • Factors Driving the Growth of Air Cargo Business
  • Emerging Markets and Trade Routes in Air Cargo
  • E-commerce’s Impact on Air Cargo Demand
  • Future Trends and Projections for Air Cargo Growth

Air cargo and supply chain

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management in Air Cargo
  • IATA’s Role in Regulating Air Cargo Operations
  • Different Categories of Air Cargo and Handling Requirements
  • Air Cargo Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Air Cargo Distribution Channels and Networks
  • Role of Freight Forwarders and Integrators in Distribution
  • Challenges and Innovations in Last-Mile Delivery
  • Sustainable Practices in Air Cargo Distribution

Air cargo handling and processes

  • Process Thinking and Lean Principles in Air Cargo
  • Key Processes in Air Cargo Handling: Booking to Delivery
  • Identifying and Resolving Bottlenecks in Handling Operations
  • Performance Metrics for Evaluating Air Cargo Handling

Cargo revenue management

  • Introduction to Revenue Management in Air Cargo
  • Components of Cargo Revenue Management Strategy
  • Overbooking Strategies and Considerations
  • Pricing Strategies for Different Types of Cargo

Optimization techniques in air cargo operations

  • Overview of Optimization Methods in Operations
  • Linear Programming and Its Application in Air Cargo
  • Constraints in Air Cargo Operations: Capacity, Time, Resources
  • Case Studies of Linear Programming Models in Air Cargo

Completion of the Air Cargo Business and Optimization course opens doors to various career opportunities in the dynamic field of air cargo management, including:

  • Airline Cargo Manager
  • Airport Cargo Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Manager
  • Freight Forwarding Specialist
  • Pharma Logistics Coordinator
  • Technology and Innovation Consultant
  • Environmental and Sustainability Officer
  • Policy Maker or Regulator
  • Industry Analyst or Consultant
  • Entrepreneur in Drone Logistics

Dr. Tan holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from University of Southern Queensland, an MBS from the National University of Ireland and a PhD in Supply Chain Management from the Nanyang Technological University. He is also a Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management from APICS.


Schedule: Session 1 – Monday, August 19, 2024 | Session 2 – Tuesday, August 20, 2024 |Session 3 – Wednesday, August 21, 2024 | Session 4 – Thursday, August 22, 2024 | Session 5 – Friday, August 23, 2024

Timing: 06:00 am-10:00 am PST +5 GMT | 4:00 am-08:00 am AST +3 GMT | 09:00 am-13:00 pm UTC +8 GMT

Our Air Cargo Management course offers comprehensive knowledge from industry experts, covering the latest trends and technologies like e-freight, digital cargo, AI, blockchain, and IoT. Through real-world case studies and practical examples, you’ll gain actionable insights to apply directly to your workplace. This course equips you with strategic skills for a competitive edge and promotes sustainable practices, opening doors to various career opportunities in the air cargo and logistics industry. Enhance your expertise and advance your career with our cutting-edge curriculum.

Fee Structure

Fee: PKR 195,000/-


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Cash Deposit at Institute

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Bank AL Habib

Account title: Aviation Institute of Management (Pvt) Ltd.

Account Number: 1058-0981-013394-500

IBAN: PK41BAHL1058098101339450

Fee: $800.00 (Five Hundred Dollar)

Payment Option

Online Payment payment through enrole portal (link below):

GAP-1002 – Air Cargo Management (ICAO GAPP)

You are also required to send us a copy of your deposit slip (screen shot) for reconciliation and subsequent enrollment in the course. Expect an email from Embry-Riddle (USA/Singapore campus) for enrollment after your payment.


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