Why is Certification important?

If your goal is to gain professional credibility, earn more money, stand out in a competitive job market, or learn and grow in your profession, pursuing a certification is right for you.

Enhanced Credibility: Certification is a stamp of approval, especially from a well-known organization. A certification is a proof that you know what you’re doing. It provides external validation that you have the skills needed to succeed.

Increase Your Marketability: Certifications give you an advantage during the hiring process and help you stand out in a competitive market.

Employer Preference: Employers often prefer hiring employees with Certifications.

Personal Satisfaction and Professional Development:  Certification is to validate your knowledge and increase the confidence at work.

Earn More Money: Management related courses increase a person’s likelihood of earning a higher salary.

Gain New Skills and Knowledge: If you are trying to build your knowledge in a specific area, you may want to focus on a workshop or certificate course that addresses the specific need.

Network Expansion: During and after the course most students develop a professional relationship network with their classmates and faculty members.

Above is a synopsis and extracts from Sue Kaden’s article published at https://www.td.org/insights/why-should-i-get-a-certification