Brief Profile of Career Counsellors / Faculty Members for Human Aviation Library

Please key in your short question or clarification in the HAL form on this website. It is FREE, but longer that 5-10 minutes dedicated time allocation may have a nominal fee as may be required by faculty members. Here are some of the willing career counsellors and faculty member for your review.

1. Dr. Wali N. Mughni

A retired Pakistan Air Force officer. Sher Afghan, Top Gun award winner. PhD, MBA (Aviation), MS, FWC (Turkey), FRAeS, SBt. 24 years in PAF and about 20 plus years in Commercial Aviation and Education domains.
* Would be willing to answer your questions about joining the PAF (various branches) as well as commercial pilot license, Aviation Management subjects and career counselling.

2. Azeez Siddiqui

A veteran aviation professional with over 43 years in the airline industry. Served PIA for 3 years and 40 years in Saudi Airlines. MBA from IBA and MA Economics. Held strategic positions in Fleet Planning, Operations, Scheduling, Strategic Planning, Aircraft Selection, Airport Planning, etc.* Would be willing to teach, coach, mentor, and guide students on any aviation management-related subject. Motivates and guides students in career planning and educational pursuits.

3. Capt. Hadi Rizvi

A highly experienced professional. About 24 years in the PAF (retired as Wg. Cdr), commanded a fighter squadron. Law graduate and Master in English (MA), prolific writer, poet, and authored various articles. Won an international award on his book “Space”. Teaches Aviation Law, Aviation English, and aviation related subjects.
* Would be willing to guide students for commercial and military aviation.

4. Capt. Afsar Malik

An experienced professional and educationist. Over 35 years of experience in civil and military aviation. MBA from SZABIST. Has been Airport Manager at Karachi and Islamabad airports. Was Director at PCAA (Economic Oversight). Pilot and Air Traffic Controller. Teaches aviation management subjects.
* Would be willing to guide students and answer their questions.

5. Engr Zia Ul Haque

He is an experience professional engineer who also excels in management and teaching. He is a retired Wg. Cdr. from Pakistan Air Force (BE Aerospace) and has done his Masters in Operations Research from USA. A has varied experience in military and civil aviation.
* He has been helping students understand seemingly complex mathematical questions and explains and solves problems in a simple but scientific way to make the students understand without any problem.

6. Dr Nazir Vaid

A highly experienced entrepreneur who started over 120 businesses globally. He teaches, soft skills, entrepreneurship, and offers guidance to startups.
* He as kindly consented to guide students eager to learn entrepreneurship, leadership skills and other soft skills.

7. Prof. Moiz Sabuwala

Mr. Sabuwala is a popular teacher, who teaches almost all business administration subjects, but excels in management subjects. He is an MBA from IBA and has travelled all over the world and has done various business ventures.
* He is also willing to give his time to students for answering any clarification in business matters and academics related question in management subjects.

8. Corporate Trainer Mohsin Lodhi

He is a world-renowned corporate trainer and conducts training on soft skills, like conflict management, questioning skills, stress management, time management, communication skills, etc. His credentials include over education from INSEAD, and other top universities.
* Although a very busy person, he has kindly consented to give time to students to answer some questions that are appropriate to his area of expertise.

Few other Counsellors and Faculty members are listed below.

  1. Engr. Zafarullah Khan (Avionics Expert and ex Director Airworthiness, PCAA)
  2. Col Navaid Ahsan (Aviation Security expert, AVsec Trainer from ICAO)
  3. Capt Amin Desai (Remote controlled flying expert)
  4. Dr Bilal Siddiqui (UAV / UAS expert)
  5. Dr Noor Memon (Business Research and Management expert)
  6. Air Cdre (R) Tariq Ashraf (Civil Aviation courses and related subjects expert)
  7. Ms. Sana Zamir (Soft Skills and entrepreneurship expert)
  8. Brig (R) Farooq Shaukat (Administration and Grooming expert)
  9. Prof Zia ul Haq (Finance professor and expert on Management subjects)
  10. Engr Muhammad Ali (High-end businessman and entrepreneurial persons)

Many other Counsellors and Faculty members are also available and ready to help the students by contributing their time and by sharing their knowledge and experience in this Human Aviation Library. AIM will approach the most appropriate professional for guidance of students when required and schedule a mutually convenient time.